99 Cent Store Haul Dog Supplies

99 cent store haul pet supplies Dollar Store haul pet products Dollar Tree Haul Pet Products hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you ever heard of the 99-cent store it is a Dollar Store like the Dollar Tree 99 cent store it’s a great place to stock up on supplies for your pet I just make a haul from the 99-cent store and I wanted to share with you the items I got for my little dog AlaskaSammy the 99-cent store like tlike a Dollar tree is called 99 cents only however a few of the things are more than 99 cents the first thing I found were some extra soft blankets for my dog AlaskaSammy one blanket is a baby blanket with a little giraffe on it and it says baby and the size is 30 inches by 30 inches extra soft really nice fleece blanket then I found a microfiber throw blanket this Dollar Store blanket is thicker it has it’s more like an actual blanket and it was $1.99 the size is 28 x 36 inches so it’s more oblong than square but it’s extra thick and you can see compared to the little baby blanket it’s much thicker and heavier and I thought my little AlaskaSammy with love snuggling up on this on cold Alaska evenings the next thing I found at the 99 cent store Dollar Store was a four hook rack over the door rack it’s going to be great it just hangs right over the door and I can use it to hang up AlaskaSammy’s dog leashes and harnesses and things like that the things I need when I take him on a walk I found these great metal doggy tie-out stakes at the dollar store they seem to be quite sturdy and the tie out stake can easily screw into the ground you can see the tip is pointed but it when you purchase it it has a rubber tip over it so that it won’t poke holes in things before you get ready to put it in the ground before you want to screw the tie out stake into the ground make sure you remove the little piece of rubber tubing on the end the dog tie out stake has a nice big swivel bracket on it it turns all the way around so you’ll be able to clip right on to a rope or a leash right on to the bracket and know that your pet can run around it’s not going to get caught or tangled then the top of the tie out stake from 99 cent store dollar store is a triangle end handle that is how you easily screw it into the ground you hold on to the triangle screw it into the ground and then clip your dog’s rope or chain onto the swivel bracket can make your tie out as long as you want to suit the yard size of your property where you want to put your dog they also had a chain for the tie out available that you could also buy for one dollar I prefer to use a rope I found these two great black plastic dog dishes at the dollar store they have a little bone on the side and it has some rubber gasket all around the bottom so when I put it on the floor and put food or water in it it’s not going to slide around if I use the plain old bowl AlaskaSammy slides it across the floor and he can get it stuck under the kitchen cabinets & things so these cute pet bowls are going to stay secure the next thing I got at the dollar store for my dog were some pawwipes they’re like baby wipes for your little pet’s paws wipe away daily dirt get rid of odors and germs the pawwipes can protect dry cracked paw pads and skin from irritation they include lanolin aloe and vitamin E so if your pet has any allergies or sensitivities or you have sensitivities be aware of that I bought baby wipes in my 99 cent store haul because that’s what I’ve always used to wipe my little pet’s paws the reason I like the baby wipe is because there are 80 in a pack and the paw wipes only have 20 so it’s up to you which size of a wipe you want to use another thing I bought are emery boards if your pet’s claws or nails become rough or have a sharp edge on them when you’re sitting and petting your pet you can take the emery board and rub off the nail or claw while you’re bonding with your pet the 99 cent store dollar store have lots of other animal and pet products and nail clippers and little scissors for thinning and grooming your pet they have some flea and tick sprays and shampoos the 99 cent store dollar store had several different kinds of pet shampoos the main difference seems to be the smell so if you want to choose one take a smell and see if the aroma is something that you find that you would enjoy so this is lint brush these are the pet supplies pet products things for my do that I picked up at the 99-cent store dollar tree haul for my little AlaskaSammy please subscribe to AlaskaSammy