Best Cat Books – Top 5 cat advice books!

now the next book that me and rags recommend is the cat expert by Emma Watson no not Emma Watson now the next book oh hi guys welcome back to the channel it’s Claire and rags and this week I’m going to be talking to you about five books every cat owner should read or have now there is so much literature and books out there about owning your cats and how to look after cats from cookbooks to first aid so Ragsy and I are going to be sharing with you five top cat books that we think cat owners should read or own and the First book is a cookery book this is real food for cats by Patti Doug let’s say and this is one of my absolute favorites it’s my go-to book for when we up share and some recipes with you now all the recipes in this book are better proof and they are sorted into what kind of recipes they are so whether they’re chicken or beef or treats or something with a special diet and I do honestly recommend getting this pocket fantastic now the next book that me write to recommend is the cat expert by Rebecca Watson this is a really really good book to get now they just talk about problems that you can face with your cats but also it tells you all about how your cat works so they have a section on their ears their eyes and nose their skin their fur that tails right and so anything to do with the biology of your cats they have sections for and the sections are color-coded which I found really interesting and very useful if I’m looking for something cific now this really is a very good book for first-time cat owners because it goes right the way from kitten hood all the way to when your cat is a bit older and unfortunately when they pass away but it’s very good but again I’ve got this from Amazon it’s really easy to get followed up and to them yeah it’s really good now the next one is a bit of a fun one it is cats behaving badly by Celia had room now I got this as a present for Christmas and it is a bit of a silly book and it talked about all the funny things that your cat does and there’s quite a few nice little illustrations and funny cat tips in there but it also does offer some advice if you have any specific problems with your cats not only does it explain some of the things that your cat does it’s quite funny or can be disruptive but it does have interspersed with a few fun little comics and some illustrations and some little tips on how to maybe spruce up your cats or their diets it’s a fun little book and not only is it great to read as a cat owner but it’s a great presence again carry over to the next book is do cats need shrinks buy pizza and Neville this is sounds like it’s like a really funny book but actually it’s really really good book to have not only does this book talk about the history of cats and their biology but it answers questions that you didn’t even think that you wanted to know say for example things like strange diets of behaviors like peak hair or cats and alcohol that kind of thing it’s really good it’s again it asks answers questions that you didn’t really know that you want to note really really good and they’re one of the best things about this book actually is that it uses a lot of case studies so actually they’re going to read this book is like an agony aunt uncle coccyx and he’s taken some letters and some questions he’s got some actual cat owners and answered them in his book now the next book I’m going to who’s actually on the Kindle app so I’ll just put a picture of it okay and this is a cat owners home veterinary handbook by Deborah L rich it spoke about basic first-aid and your cat’s health and all you need to know about how your cat works and what you need to do in certain emergencies and that kind of thing dental care behavior diets all that kind of thing it’s a really easy book to meet and Emmas like step by step guides on certain things like specific health problems or what you should do if your cat is in an accident or has an injury it’s got a great index filled with like symptoms and checklists and what to check about your cap of certain medical issues it is really good it’s a really user friendly book and I highly recommend getting this book thanks for watching guys I hope that you found this informative now in the comment section below if you’ve got any books you think cat owners should own do please feel free to leave them in the comment section speaking of comments it is that time the video where I announce the winner of the relax my cat t-shirt competition now as a range of rules first of all you need to make sure that you are subscribed to this channel second of all you need to make sure that you are a member of the notification squad by clicking that little bell button and finally you need to make sure that you comment on this video in the first 60 minutes that it’s out and that way you can have a chance on winning your very own t-shirts so let’s see you have won this week now I’m gonna let Reggie she’s going this week because she seems to be 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